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ABOUT Jacques Firestone

Jacques has spend many years in the field of art in general, his talent and passion for his work comes from his rich history of musical and artistic influence. He has developed his skill in multiple platforms giving him the advantage.   

Vimeo Award

Vimeo Award for most viewed and most popular film award was given to Jacques Firestone on 2011

99U Award

U99 Organisation awarded Jacques Firestone for his dedication and commitment to his work in film and photography under extreme conditions.

HH Theatre Award

Jacques Firestone was handed the award for sound development in cooperation with Neil Hurst at the HH Theatre.

Recant Accomplishments   


Jacques Firestone and Jackal Media has done two films with DJ Fresh at Nubar Somerset West.

5FM DJ Garth Cliff

Jacques Firestone and Jackal Media has done one films starting DJ Garth Cliff at Nubar Somerset West.